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Firefox 4, Safari 4, Chrome 13, Opera 11, IE 6
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Dark Navigation CSS Code Snippet

A dark navigation menu bar complete with hover and active states.

Original PSD by Premium Pixels.


Dani said

Hi All!
First of all, congratulations for this website, it's really helpfull.

I have some problems by adding this Dark Navigation, it looks cool in Firefox, but it doesn't look good in IE8, although it says IE6 and newer compatible.

Could someone help me?


Thibaut said

Thanks, Dani!
The demo looks fine for me in IE8.
Check your existing CSS for any interference. For example, if you've applied styling to elements such as ul and li, then that would be inherited by the navigation and might break things (in which case you'd need to reset the properties on the navigation, as in reset.css).

Dani said

Hi Thibaut!
Thanks for your interest!
The demo looks fine for me too, but I have downloaded the code again and without make any change on it, I just opened it into IE8 and it doesn't look good :(
I don't know the reason why, any suggestion?
Thanks again!

Thibaut said

Hey Dani
It looks fine for me in IE6-8 with the zipped code (which is the same as the demo).
If you're still having this issue please send me a screenshot at thibaut@webinterfacelab.com

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