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Firefox 4, Safari 4, Chrome 14, Opera 10, IE 8
MIT License

A set of sleek, glossy buttons in multiple colors.

Download the Sass source to quickly generate your own color variation.

Original PSD by Alex Montague.


Dan said

The buttons are excellent. I just wish I knew css. I tried using the button in one of my websites but the css for it has links defined so it didn't look right in the button and I couldn't figure out how to add code to use the normal link colors in the button.

Perhaps I'll be able to use them in the future somewhere.

Thanks for putting these out there.


Arden said

Fantastic buttons! Love them :) Thank you for posting!

In response to Dan, a good way to familiarise yourself with CSS (aside from the obvious looking at tutorials and resources) is to use the inspect element feature (or firebug) in your browser. This will bring up the source code and style elements, and will allow you to modify styles and see the effect it has. Is good fun playing around :)

Thibaut said

@Arden Thanks! :)

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