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A simple tabbed widget that works without JavaScript.

This snippet makes heave use of the new CSS3 selectors to create a tabbed content area using only CSS, while keeping the markup to a minimum (no hidden inputs & labels).

Each tab's content is toggled using the :target pseudo class selector and the current tab is highlighted using the ~ adjacent sibling combinator.

I then went a bit overboard with the child/type selectors in order to have the first tab activated by default.

Read the full source here.

Note: #target links make the page jump to the element with the matching ID when they're clicked. This is a bad user experience and I wouldn't use it in production. This snippet is more a demonstration of what CSS can do than a usable implementation. ;)

Original PSD by Aaron Sananes.


Chris said

Great snippet! Though how can we prevent it from jumping when a tab is clicked?

stuyart said

great work. very helpful for me. thanks

Timothy said

Does not work when there are more than 3 tabs.

Helio Viegas said

great work., how can we prevent it from jumping when a tab is clicked?

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